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March 11, 2017

And just like that our annual documentary film fest has wrapped up and we have to wait another year for it to circle back around.  Though the cool thing about living in a community that hosts one of the biggest and best documentary film fests around is that you can be a part of the festival in some unique ways.  My husband is on the behind scenes build team and often starts volunteering his time starting in Dec/Jan.  He is one of the famed puppeteers for the parade as well.  I have volunteered in a few different ways but my favorite has been as a dubbed "fiber maven" participating on a larger art team lead with folks with some awesome visions of fiber art installations for the fest.

A couple years ago we knit nylon rope into squares that stacked on themselves and became these whimsical Seussian like trees lovingly called the "knacks".  Last year we did giant woven cloth maps which were pretty fun but this year created these large panels with recycled, up cycled, knitted pieces that looked like under water creations.  I loved them!  It was such a great mixture of texture, color and use of found items that came together in such a fluid way.  For much of the month of Jan and Feb I was knitting up little barnacles to contribute to the other knitted and created pieces from the team.

And that is just one team- there are multiple teams and groups all working together to create a visual experience to go along with the fest- by far one of the incredible shining stars of our town.  For the films- we managed to make 13 out of the 14 we signed up for.  My favorites were Whose Streets, The Road Movie, and I Am Not Your Negro.  A short that really leveled me as well was Edith and Eddie.  

I am still taking in all of the films I saw including the 4 hour Grateful Dead film, Long Strange Trip.  Thank goodness for copious amount of coffee shops available to help get through it all!  So out of the ether of last weekend and into the hum of 365 more days before the next T/F!

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