finding color and patience

November 08, 2017

I am trying to practice deep breaths and patience as we wait for the next phase of the remodel to happen.  A week ago a successful abatement happened of the asbestos tile in the studio room in the basement.  We spent the weekend putting on Kilz paint primer to this room to help cover the once red, then bright yellow walls with some traces of abatement aftermath on the lower portion.  Hubby and I started listening to a podcast and set to work painting.

As my impatience grew over the weekend I worked in some knitting time on the poncho while I took in the amazing color show outside.  This view from my upper and lower decks is part of the major reason we stay in this house and are putting the work into the house currently.  We live just off the downtown area and yet we have this behind and next to our house.  The woods was really showing off this weekend!  This poncho that I am working on is what I call Jan's Poncho.  It is from an estate sale that you may remember me talking about from earlier this year.  It was an unfinished object that I got with all of this luscious alpaca yarn.  She had passed away from cancer and from what I can tell was quite the prolific knitter.  I took her work in progress back to the seed stitch edge and am using this pattern from Churchmouse Yarns and Tea.  I am not doing the cowl neck option and adding the seed stitch border on beginning and end and one edge to prevent curling of the stockinette.  It is a slow knitting project that I am picking up in between projects.  All the other yarn for this is packed up so I am hoping this little ball I am on right now makes it till I am painting and moving furniture back into my basement!

The last of the nasty carpet was ripped off the stairs so we could make our final decision on if we wanted to lay fresh carpet on the stairs or possibly paint or lay new treads.  We decided to go for new oak treads which have priced out to be less than carpet and I think will look much more modern, updated, and will be easier to keep clean.  We plan on installing these ourselves with some help from my folks at the very end of the basement remodel.

We are waiting to finalize the wall color until the floors are stained but seriously- a color called "yarn" just try to convince me that this should not be the one!  I never thought I would bypass color for a neutral color on the walls but I am thinking of going more neutral and doing lots of pop of color in the new area rug, pillow and some knitted wall hangings.

Crossing my patient fingers that the flooring gets done soon!

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