2019 fiber goals

January 06, 2019

Not much a New Year's resolution gal but I do have a mind to set myself some fiber goals for 2019!  So I popped a cork on a favorite beverage that I have discovered since my body had decided it is not liking wine these days.  Anyone else get headaches even after just one glass of wine?  I tell you what, this aging business is quite a ride!  So sour beers it is, and Krieky Bones by Firestone Walker Brewing Co. is delish!

With my beer in hand this weekend I made myself one of my sheep journals to write down fiber goals and notes when I see/hear about different fibers and patterns.

So far my goals are:

So that is a start, eh?  I will see what gets completed, deleted or added!  Cheers to you all in making your own fibery goodness goals for 2019!

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