common thread

April 08, 2019

It is birthday time again for my mama.  I am not quite sure how to say how much I love and admire her.  I count my self one lucky gal for having her in my life and she is just 15 miles down the road so I get to be with her as much as I can as an adult and raise my family near the love and support her and my dad as well.

This last year I taught just the basics of knitting and she picked up on it pretty fast, she is my crafty influence!  My mama is also a fan on the Biltmore mansion in Asheville North Carolina.  I went there with her as an adult and she has been there several times with my dad.  So I heard about this yarn that was created a couple years ago and dyed with a re-created dye called Coolidge Red coined by the Biltmore Industries.  This dark red was the most famous color created in Asheville in the early 1900's.  I was excited and also heartbroken to discover this and find initially that is was done as a small batch and most likely no longer available.  Until I was watching one of Ninja Chickens podcasts last fall (where I first heard about this yarn) and she had learned from Echoview Fiber Mill that they found some more.  I called them up that week and ordered some and stashed it away for my mama.

So I gave it my mama today along with the information I could find online about the store all wrapped up in a bento bag for her knitting projects.  I am looking forward to many more opportunities to cozy up with my mama (yes, her grandma name is Meow) and share another common thread!

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