surprise inside

November 25, 2016

A few years ago I came across an english tradition of sweet little sugar mice around the holidays.  Combine that with the idea of little surprise yarn balls of a new knitter/crocheter and you get a sweet surprise inside with a hybrid little treat just updated in the shop.

I updated the shop today and included some little Peruvian Wool yarn balls that have a little wood mouse inside inspired by sugar mice for a fun treat.  I really like the idea of little treats inside the yarn ball; especially for kids that are learning to work with yarn.

This batch has little mice made from curly maple wood and left in their natural color and with some simple features wood burnt and then a matching yarn tail.  Right now there is nice arrangement of colors in the shop right now and a few less calories!

If you would like to make some actual sugar mice here is a good spot with some instructions.

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