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December 05, 2016

I may be an urbanite, but this weekend my country roots came through.  I found myself hunkering down at home after a busy week of a fundraiser that we hosted and fighting a cold.  So the weekend presented itself with plenty of country-esque living skills.

We got our tree- we always do a live tree.  I like the touch, the look, the smell.  To be honest I like that it is a bit different each year and since we live in a pretty small home I like that I don't have to store a tree somewhere.

It was also ham curing weekend for the youngest.  This is his second year doing hams for a 4-H project.  Last year his ham went to auction at the county fair so this year he decided to go for 2 hams!  They are trimmed, loaded up with homemade cure, wrapped up, and hanging in the ham shed outside.  They will be all closed up until the spring when he will remove the cure and scrub and let age for a few more months until the fair.  Fingers crossed we might get to eat one this year!

I strained some homemade nocino; a homemade walnut liquor.  This was our first year making it and I forgot to strain it last month so hoping it is not too intense!  We figured we would try one batch and see what we think and if we want to do again next year.  Hoping some good can come of my walnuts trees except trashing my deck all spring, summer, and fall!

And of course no weekend would be complete without some knitting.  Using some more of my Moeke yarn stash- by far some of the most rustic wool I have.  My fingers are have lanolin traces on them after I knit!

I certainly do enjoy honing in on some country skills while living in the city!

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