December 10, 2016

As I sit in front of my christmas tree tonight snuggled up in a wool sweater and sitting on a warm sheep skin on my chair I am nursing some very sore fingers.  I have been kicking in some overtime with toy making this week for holiday orders and then I decided a couple days ago I wanted to knit up a quick cowl for nieces birthday present.

It was a quick decision, bit last minute so I decided to go with a bulky weight yarn for speed.  At first I thought I could just find a basic bulky weight wool at the craft store.  I really am becoming a yarn snob because all I could find was some blends of 20% wool or alpaca and 80% acrylic.  I am really at a big place of disliking more and more acrylic.  Primarily it is because of the environmental impact and I am also finding I also just do not like the feel of it.  So I had myself convinced it would be okay with the blend and bought it and then the more I sat with it yesterday I just said nope.  I went to one of the local yarn shops and found a bulky merino wool- all wool.

Much better- so I cast in on last night and knit the first repeat before bed and then woke up this morning and finished it in just a couple hours.  Super quick easy and pretty pattern if you need a last minute gift.  The pattern is Roxy's Cowl by Diana Burk.  Since I had a heavier weight yarn it did not knit up as long but I think she will like the length.  I would love to try this in some Quince and Co yarn like she used in the pattern.

So my fingers get a break tonight and I will be doing some more reading in the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook that I am really enjoying.  Seems like that "death before acrylic" saying is becoming more and more of my mantra.

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