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November 12, 2017

We are getting closer!  We are right on the edge of some big changes in the basement remodel this upcoming week.  Tomorrow final crack patching, floor grinding, and staining is set to happen.  This is going to be dusty yet so exciting!  Once this step is complete then everything else starts to fall in place.

We get to finalize our decision on wall color and hopefully start painting and finishing the trim work next weekend and the first part of the following week.  Please ignore the moss green paint color that I was so in love with a few years back- now I can hardly stand it!  Today it will be filling in nail holes or other wall prep before our flooring people come tomorrow.  Once they are finished staining and sealing we need to give it a couple days to cure.  That's right fellas- get that laundry done today!  Don't worry, my lonely plant hanging downstairs will join us today upstairs as well!

A late game change that we decided to do was re-tread the stairs.  They had carpet on them like the rest of the basement and originally we thought we would replace it with fresh carpet for softness but then we reconsidered.  We thought it might be odd to only have carpet in that one place in the whole house.  Other considerations were cost of replacement carpet and more importantly, after pulling the old carpet up and seeing how dirty it was underneath as well so we decided to go another route.

When we pulled up the carpet, the previous owners put down 2x12 pine boards for a wider tread under the carpet.  Husband and I hammered these out last night and found some very vintage faux brick linoleum on the original stair treads. Thankfully they are not asbestos tile so we are going to let these stay under the new treads.  Like a little time capsule!  We have opted to clean and sand up the existing risers and give them a fresh coat of white paint and will be adding fresh oak risers at the very end.

I am getting really excited for this week.  I am going to finish my morning cup of tea and slip on the work clothes to start sanding.  I am been able to sneak in some holiday shopping/planning and knitting this weekend as well.  In between Jan's Poncho that I have been working on, the other knitting project that did not get packed away was the Eclipse Hat I started in August.  A few inches grow at a time with this sock weight yarn and tiny needles!  But isn't it lovely!

I had a morning outing with Silas yesterday to Target where I went and checked out the Magnolia Market line of products.  Super cute stuff but I tried to be modest since I have spent a good amount of time purging the past few weeks.  Just a couple items hopped in my basket.  My theme for holiday making and giving seems to be developing, "home".  I am sure it is completely influenced by this remodel!  I won't have as much time to make for Christmas this year since the studio most likely won't be unpacked till very end of Nov or beginning of Dec but this gets me excited!

Well- the sander and trim paint is calling my name!  Cheers!

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