Knitch n 1   A number of things tied or knit together; a bundle of wood “Knitcher”- that is what my mama has called me from a very early age.  She pronounced the “k” and later as I grew I asked her what it meant. She said I was always making things. That seemed to stick with me throughout the years. 

I wake up everyday making and creating.  I truly believe in the power of crafting to slowdown and connect with ourselves and each other.  I play with wood and wool all the time and notice it is rare that I don't to connect with someone in some way through crafting.  Just try not to be drawn next to that person in the park or on the bus crafting and ask them "what are you making"?

I have been crafting all my life and operated my first company “mamaroots” from 2003-2015 at the start of my motherhood journey.  My baby boys are now into their teenage and early adult years and "mamaroots" evolved into knitcher, a company that reflected my own crafting evolution.

I still love to play and make play things with wood but as I grow on my knitting journey I will bring more wool elements into my toys.  I tend to carry my yarn with me year around to soccer, camping, and exploring.  I live the motto of "Knit Your Own Adventure"!

I am also a bit of a vintage antique junky as long as it is functional so I will have plenty of glimpses of my rescue missions from thrift stores and flea markets as well as a general sharing of my midwest life with my family. Sit back, grab a cup of tea, and join me as I share all the pieces of my world as I craft and knit them together! Thanks for visiting!

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