January 14, 2023


2023 has brought with me a time to plan and bring my love of thrifting to a formal place and name. For most of my adult life I have loved going to thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops. Partly how I was raised, partly my sustainable love of re-using, partly from having an amazing partner that also shares these values. This and so many other things led to a moment leading up to the new year when I felt inspired to name it, brand it, and share it in a very open and transparent way.

The idea of "flipping" and selling really came from what started as purging my own possessions a few years ago. I am definitely not a minimalist; definitely a maximalist but I really don't mind cycling through with a few exceptions (umm, not going to part with my macrame owls) and do not want to be a hoarder.

This was during the advent of FB marketplace seemingly replacing Craigslist and it was quite easy to find a way to move on goods from my own house without the awful headache of a garage sale and have a few extra dollars to add to the family income or redecorate. This evolved into meshing with my extreme love of going to thrifts, fleas, antique shops etc . . and finding treasures, rescuing unique items, and breathing new life into them. 

Over time I realized that not everyone likes to shop in and spend time looking for treasures like I do and it started to materialize as a sweet little side hobby along with knitcher that sings to my soul. After several questions from friends and family if we were moving because of the items I was selling it seemed like time to name it.

I believe in being transparent which was part of the driving force of naming it "flip witch" it is flipping, not for large profit, but to pay myself for tracking down the item, cleaning, sometimes fixing, listing, photography, etc. . . This year I will be approaching more as a hobby business, including tracking margins, taking care of taxes, etc. 

I hope you will enjoy me sharing my flip witch esthetic, here are just a couple corners in my own home of thrift and/or found item. I really do walk my talk. It is not very often that I purchase new items for my house or closet. More information and links for the flip witch are here.

Enjoy and happy new year friends!

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