Sands of time

October 09, 2022

As is often the case, time gets away and I find myself continuing to re-evaluate time on social media in the pursuit of simplification in the evolution of ever more screen time. I do plan to still write in this space but I am making some decisions to reduce to areas of social media for knitcher; mostly right now I have removed the knitcher facebook and twitter feeds, but will continue to share my crafting, shop updates, and more on my side hobby of treasure hunting aka thrifting for others. I will be sharing more on that later. 

I had the opportunity to step away in September to discover a part of Florida that was an area that seemed a little simple step back in time "old Florida" we ventured to Anna Maria Island and it was really a special place. I really recommend if you are looking for a smaller, not as commercial way to experience a Florida barrier island. There is actually an interesting history involving Fig Newtons; but I will let you research that. It was a gift to be able to put my toes in the water and experience a different part of the country, eat some food from the ocean. 

I started a knitting project for that adventure. I decided to explore the Sustainable Stitching yarn line Re-Spun which is made from 100% recycled plastic designed to keep bottles and other waste out of oceans and landfills. I thought it was appropriate for the trip.

I am enjoying find myself back in a fiber place and was very thankful to be able to experience the project on the beaches and was also very sad to hear of the damage of the hurricane. Though the island did not end up being in the straight path, my heart does hurt for the loss and destruction. At the end of this month I will be making a donation to the American Red Cross for the hurricane relief. I have also started donating blood and platelets again to the American Red Cross. The Red Cross really helped me at a time in my life when I went through a natural disaster and I truly believe in their mission. 

Thank you always friends for joining me here and continue to be gentle with your selves and each other.

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