July 07, 2022

Coming back into this space after taking a needed break. I function through my life through symbols and I thought I would share some symbols as I transitioned through my 50th birthday this spring and always looking through their strength as I keep hitting bumps in this road of life.

I enjoy getting new ink when I hit these transitions. This tattoo was for heritage and knowing where I come from and help guide the future.

Organic inspiration in plants:

  • wheat for the Volga German heritage on my mother's side
  • katniss for the Appalacian Mountains where my father's family is from
  • meadow cosmo flowers from my childhood
  • poppy for memory
It is the biggest ink I have gotten but I really like it and had been collecting some vintage pieces for inspiration. I worked with an artist on Etsy on the design and a local shop inked it on my arm. I hope to be back in this space a little more but am still doing some soul work so my Etsy shop is still on vacation and I hope to have more energy soon to open it back up.

Be well my friends and be gentle with your selves and others during these challenging times. 

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