March 21, 2022

Spring, yes- this magical transition from winter; waking from the winter slumber. I love spring; I like the way the airs smells and how mama earth starts showing herself in tiny little leaves opening on my elderberry bushes and tiny little flowers in my yard. I am also a little biased about spring; it is the season I came into the world along with several of my family. 

This year I am transitioning into a new decade- my 50's! I really never over think these bigger birthdays and try to embrace them with things I love. This year it includes some fun things that I will enjoy sharing closer to my b-day; more to come.

In the meantime I wanted to take the time to talk about some other things about transitioning into these years. I had my annual physical last year and I asked to let me know the recommended test, etc . . . for turning 50. If you recognize this photo above; you know a colonoscopy was part of the recommended items. 

Like many people, I will back up that the prep is the hardest part. A couple other aspects I needed to take in consideration is that I limit my refined sugars. So many of the recommended items for the liquid diet day are all about sugar. My golden tickets were starting to adjust diet a couple days prior, took out whole grains, seeds, veges, fruit with skin, etc . . and kept it pretty plain. Simple chicken, fish and some white breads. On the liquid diet day my golden tickets were Simply Asia Ginger Chicken broth, watered down white grape juice and homemade electrolyte. For the homemade electrolyte I mixed:

  • sparkling plain water
  • fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice
  • pink sea salt
  • honey
The best analogy I can give you for drinking the prep drink was that scene from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince when Harry has to keep Dumbledore drinking to get to the horcrux! Once I got the procedure it was all pretty quick and easy. Waiting on some biopsy results on a couple tiny polyps that were removed. Mental note is to leave out the flavor mix; it made it too artificially sweet. 

Not how I originally planned on celebrating spring equinox, but glad I made this decision to do this screening. I came home and rested and ate and then went out in the yard to find some signs of spring and started planning out my spring poncho that I will be starting soon. I will be using Manos Del Uruguay Milo which is a linen and merino blend and I decided to try and fade the Petal and Jaipur colorways. 

More to come but just wanted to wish you all happy spring and go get that colonoscopy if it is your time!

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