Some help this spring

March 13, 2022

Today the sun is shining at winter's last (we hope) snow storm that made it's way this past week. Missouri has decided Thursday was it's favorite day to snow this year! But today it is nearly 60 degrees out and there are small signs of spring in the air. 

Even though spring is definitely one of my favorite seasons, it is hard to find that joy this year with all of the turmoil and war being waged on Ukraine right now. I wanted to do something to help and I decided to help with a small fundraiser to help another artist on Etsy that is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

As you have seen me share, I discovered Istihome wood printing blocks last year and the war is impacting so many things in their lives including their Etsy shop.

This spring I am going to be making limited batches of naturally dyed cotton muslin gift bags that I am block printing with a rabbit block from Istihome. 100% of the profits after the cost of materials will be going to this artist/maker.

I will definitely be looking into making financial contributions as well to humanitarian organizations but did not want to miss an opportunity to help another Etsy maker directly.

This first batch is in the shop and ready to ship. I dyed this batch with avocado, osage orange, chlorophyllin, and purple logwood and experimented with some different colored block printing. At this time I am only shipping to US to keep the cost all down and manageable on my end.

Please take a look, support if you are able, and help envision peace and resolution soon for the Ukrainian people.

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