Simple pleasures

January 20, 2018

Sometimes it is the simplest things that can bring pleasure to your day.  Like knitting up a simple little plant matt in natural cotton.  A pleasant result of the remodel is the desire to keep on sorting, purging, cleaning and organizing.  This poor plant that just did not want to flourish has been through the ringer.  It has never liked the corner I gave it in the basement thought it was near a window.  And . . . it endured the remodeling with all of the dust.  So I have been nursing it back in the sun filled window.

It has been nice to welcome our walls with some artwork old and new.  I added a new letterpress print that I got from Tolt.  The packaging we so simple, personal and full of wool love!  I am looking forward to this piece getting framed and hung in my studio.

A good reminder of the simple pleasures; home, yarn, hands to create, and always a hot cup of goodness waiting for you!

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