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March 23, 2018

Knitting has become part of my activism since the election.  Making something to share messages of activism really speaks to me.  Last year I made several of the Pussyhats, a Welcome blanket, and just recently made a pair of fingerless gloves for the March For Our Lives movement that is happening this upcoming weekend.

In a visual idea of creating a "sea of eyes" during a national dialogue of gun violence in America, the co-creator of the Pussyhat movement had a vision of a new knitted symbol for the march.  I am deeply impressed the youth voice in this movement.  I was able to get a pair of gloves made and just barely in the mail on time!  I will not be able to attend my community sister march but intend to keep the discussion front and center with my own children.

From a knitting perspective this pattern was not the time for me to learn duplicate stitch.  I am interested in learning it more but the embroidery pattern was not working for me on the weight of yarn that I used from my stash.  So I think my eyes look botched as I did a quick satin stitch for the white of the eye.  It does not get much more homespun than my amateur embroidery skills on this project!  One other adjustment I made was to change the color to brown for some diversity from the pattern.

Hoping as a country we can stop, look, listen, and talk about what we can do to change this tide.

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