moths part 2

March 30, 2019

A part of my personality left over from a pretty simple childhood is my love of field guides!  I have shared a few times that I had a much loved, pretty simple childhood.  I was surrounded by the country, explorations in the woods, old houses, old barns, and lots of books.  At a very early age my mama instilled in me an appreciation of books and libraries.

Somewhere along the way I came across a "Golden Field Guide", I think my first one was of fish.  I loved to look over all of the scientific names and drawings.  I would then type out the names on our old typing machine.  It is a wonder I did not go into science!  As a parent I would also get field guides for my boys to look at and explore.  Now that they are teens and quite independent of their mama's suggestions for reading material, the beloved field guides are tucked away in my grandma box for future readers.

As I have been exploring some moth energy lately I decided to grab a moth field guide from the library to enjoy.  That has inspired me to make a little moth learning set for the shop!  I knit up a little leaf from a free pattern on Ravelry from some gorgeous moss green wool from my stash.  It is an Wensleydale Longwool spun in England from a company called Sheep Shop.  The cocoon is knit from some leftover Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in hayloft color way.  This set is listed in the shop and ready to ship.

So I will make another cup of tea on this slightly chilly day of spring and peruse this field guide a little bit more before returning it to the library.

Cheers to childhood memories and a good field guide, the only difference now is that I need some reading glasses!

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