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October 20, 2019

Coming back to this space after a little break.  I am not a fan of "vague booking" or "vague blogging" but it has been a little rough spell with some things in my life that I really don't want to over share.  So I found myself generally retreating from the social media world the past few months.  Honestly it was a nice change of pace, but as things are somewhat coming together I found myself drawn back to this space and what it has evolved into; a place to share my maker world.

The season is changing and this was a weekend that definitely felt like fall.  In high hopes last fall I cast on a sweater in place of "not going to Rhinebeck!"  I found a fall cardigan pattern that I liked and ordered the yarn, made the fellas apple cider donuts and with full optimism thought I would finish it last fall.

Well, truth be told I am a bloody slow knitter.  Life got busy and complicated and I went spells without picking it up.  I gained some momentum about a month or so ago and decided I would finish it by "not going to Rhinebeck" this year.  This morning I finished the second pocket and then popped out to the local donut shop this time for some apple cider donuts for the fellas and then sewed on the pockets and wove in all the ends as I perused fun images in Instagram of you fiber folks in NY.  Someday I will make it there!

This pattern was super straight forward and great for a spell of not needing a complicated project.  It is a pieced pattern done in straight garter stitch for high texture.  It is a drop sleeve design for a slouchy comfy addition to my wardrobe.  This was the Mid-Town Cardigan and I knit it up in the suggested yarn, LB Collection Super Wash 100% merino wool.  In all honesty I don't think I would use this yarn again.  I adore the color, but the texture feels synthetic because of the super wash and it snags super easy.  Fingers crossed it wears well, I am about to find out as I plan to break it in full force this fall!

I am reflecting on the day; the beautiful morning fog, the colors of the trees, the stillness of the weekend, my family all enjoying their hobbies this weekend and time with friends.  Sprinkle in some sawdust from toy making, homemade soup, and some scary movies and it was a formula for a good weekend.

Remember to be kind to each other for you never know what someone is going through.  Embrace the changing season and may your hands keep on making!

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