September 30, 2016

As summer has handed the baton off to fall I am hoping to wrangle the boys into playing this new dice game the I got for us.  We played it once this summer and they were not impressed- maybe it is because I was so thrilled with the aspect of wool that is an element of play!  Even with homemade mama-friendly peach crisp they could not be swayed to play more than one game.  But I have a couple tricks up my sleeve yet to "encourage" some family game time with this one!

It is called Catan, and it full disclosure yes I did simply purchase this one because I noticed that one of the dice had sheep!  It has a feel between Yahtzee and Minecraft in a sort of primitive way- without the creepers of course!

So I have been patiently waiting and plan to spring it on them post soccer season with hot cups of tea and some other treat that will win over their hearts!  Seriously- sheep dice, yep I am a sucker!

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