full circle

September 25, 2016

It is interesting how things in life can come full circle.  A little over a dozen years ago I started a hobby company called mamaroots.  I have been a maker my whole life but becoming a mother allowed me to focus my making at that time on gifts inspired by pregnancy and toys for little ones.  I also started sharing that process on a blog on Blogger.  As it evolved I eventually moved the blog over to Typepad which hosted it for quite a few years.  Flash forward to 2015 and my little boys are were becoming teenagers- a time that makes me shake my head in amazement watching them become their own people and also at times shake my head at the challenges too!

My making identity began evolving just as my boys evolved.  Though I still really enjoy making toys and reading books- I fell deeply in love with yarn.  So as you may have remembered I re-branded my company last year to knitcher a name my mama use to call me (pronouncing the k, more like k-nitcher) and though that really is not a word, knitch is and it has a few different meanings one being  "a number of things tied or knit together; a bundle of wood".  Once I saw this it was like a light was shining bright and mystical songs were being sung.  It felt just right, it felt like home.  What did not feel like home was the spot I started blogging- I tried Wordpress for a year and just was growing increasingly frustrated by it.  It did not make sense to keep paying for something that I did not like and in turn did not want to write and navigate on it.  After all I am a maker, not a web designer or programmer so I decided to scrap it this month and come back to where it all began.  

Blogger is where I started and it feels good to have come full circle back to it.  I have archived my Wordpress posts and will be deleting that blog this month.  My mamaroots site is a bit more extensive so I will be working over the winter months to extract it into a memory book.  Because my hope is the boys would enjoying seeing it someday- right?  

So thank you for joining me here, reading and walking with me on my maker path.  My shop continues to have wood toys but with elements of wool brought in.  What will I write about- well you know, "a number of things tied or knit together"!

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