December 17, 2016

What is being dubbed as icepocolypse hit our community yesterday.  A sheet of ice hit our town early in the day caused tons of havoc.  Thankfully all in my family made it to safe spots yesterday today and tonight.  Thankful for no crashed cars (though close calls) or injuries.  Hoping all in my community are safe and we are hunkering down now for the snow to come on top of the ice and bloody cold temps.

One cancellation that came today was my Christmas date tradition that DH and I have each year.  I had planned a trip to one of my favorite little historic towns for a performance of The Christmas Carol and dinner.  The Christmas Carol is one of my favorite Christmas stories.  I have seen it live just once and was looking forward to this but we are rescheduled for later in the week barring all the weather cooperates!

So for today I am still reading my copy that I just acquired with illustrations of Dickens handwritten manuscript.  I can remember a copy like this that my auntie gave my parents when I was little and I loved looking at it.  I had no idea it would stick with me my whole life.

Tonight we are hunkering in and I think I am going to snuggle up with a warm hot toddy and watch the George C. Scott version.  Yep- Dickens nerd!

And because I love it so there are "humbugs" featured in my shop right now- silly little bugs- they kind of got a bad reputation- they actually love Christmas and singing, just not until December!

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