Little Walnut Valley

September 19, 2017

"I can't, I am going to Winfield"  was a common saying the third weekend of September for a nice little chunk of time when the boys were younger.  This meant we were packing up and heading to Winfield, Kansas for the Walnut Valley Music Fest with local friends.  It is a a really unique music fest worth the 5 hour drive mostly because of the music that is in the campgrounds more so than the main stage music.  It has been harder as the boys got older to take them out of school so until the time when my DH, myself and Scamp Coleen make our way back sans boys we have been hosting a little gathering at our house we call "Little Walnut Valley".

DH sets up a stage on the lower deck, we make a pot of soup, gather the friends and create a knit pickers paradise.  Choose your passion- a little knitting, maybe some picking, or just hanging out with a beer and some friends.

The weather cooperated nicely, the tunes were flowing, and I was able to get in a few rows on the linen shirt.  Our own walnut trees seemed to know that they were being honored as they kept dropping walnuts on the upper deck as part of the ambiance!

I really should try and figure out how to do some natural dyeing with all those dang walnuts!  I enjoyed being surrounded by my community, especially as my eldest ventured out on his own in my car for the first time!  You can bet I needed a beer after watching him drive down the road!

Cheers to knitting, picking, and journeying forth with my fellas!

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