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July 19, 2018

shew . . . Nakia's scarf is finally off the needles!  I started this on spring break at the end of March and riding on the wave of excitement from this beautiful knit item from the Black Panther movie.  I used the pattern more as an outline and did a variety of knitting patterns throughout the scarf/shawl with the 4 different yarns.

As I mentioned in other posts the yarns were mostly the same.  The color was slightly different in the Noro Silk Garden yarn.  I really went pretty free flow on each section and did not quite get the 80 inches of length.  I think part of this was that I had a few more stitches in width and I opted to only do one skein of the Plaid Blanket yarn.  But since I am only 5'2'' the length seems just right.

I thought I would show up close of each section.  Starting with the Noro Silk Garden in color way 417, I did a basic stockinette with a twist and a eustonian button stitch before the next section.  I used one whole skein.

Next section was in the Malabrigo Mechita in the Hojos color way.  For this section I did stockinette along with weaving in some pieces of Noro Silk Garden.  I used a small part of the skein with the yarn held double.

I worked into Madelinetosh Merino Light in Plaid Blanket color way.  For this section I did a stockinette with random eyelets.  I used not quite half of the skein with the yarn held double.

From here I moved into Madelinetosh Dandelion in the Shire color way.  I used the whole skein on this section with the yarn held double.  I did a variety of garter and stockinette ridges with and eyelet ridge thrown in.

The next section was two skeins of Noro Silk Garden in the color way 417 and I did a reverse stockinette with cables.  My math was a little off so my cables were ever so slightly off on the right hand side.

Next I moved back into the Madelinetosh Merino and did another combination of stockinette, eyelets, and single garter ridges in a slightly different pattern.  I finished the rest of the skein held double.

I finished up the Malabrigo Mechita in a basketweave stitch pattern, (this was my favorite section) and I really liked the contrast of this section.

Last I ended with one last skein of the Noro Silk Garden in garter stitch.

And that my friend was it- almost 70 inches unblocked.  I wove in the ends and did a slight twist before seaming the ends together.  I then tried it on in several different ways and I love it!  I am tucking this one away for those colder days at the end of the year!  Now I am casting on a quick drop stitch shawl in the avocado pink yarn I just dyed!  Cheers to finished objects!

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