January 13, 2019

You may have watched my latest video chat and seen that I am mentioned that I had seen a KAL that is being hosted by the Gentle Knitter and Fiber Trek that started on the full moon last month that was in conjunction with the Winter Solstice and is ending with the full moon in January.  The January full moon happens to be referred to as a wolf moon and it also happens to be a super blood lunar eclipse.

I realized that I would not be able to jump in on the KAL for the Hedgewitch Shawl and get it done in time so I would make a big chunky wool scarf in neutral undyed winter white color and add some grey fringe at the end.  I usually don't knit in neutral whites because I am worried I will get it filthy but I am going for it and figure I can always dye it if I don't like it.  So far I am really liking it and am planning on having it finished in time to wear it outside the night of the lunar eclipse and snuggle up with it.

I am not using a pattern, I am just holding the yarn double and doing 2 rows of k2p2 and then 2 rows p2k2 and keep repeating that pattern.  It is babble like and kind of reminds me of popcorn!

With that upcoming event and with the 16 plus inches of snow we got this weekend I was able to make a wood wolf and moon set for the shop as well.  These are in the shop and ready to ship.  The wolf has a rustic copper colored Malabrigo yarn from my stash.  The little moon has a little wool piece that comes with it that let's you eclipse the moon to celebrate the celestial event.

This is a good spot to put in your location and it will show you when the moon will be eclipsing.  I hope that you are enjoying the winter weekend and if you are like us here in the Midwest and got tons of snow; I wish a slow winter evening of knitting.

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