March 15, 2020

Like many of you I am processing and preparing for what may become the new normal for an uncertain time.  I am in the Midwest and our public elementary, middle, and high schools have not announced closure at this time.  We anticipate an announcement will be made tomorrow.  The university where I work has moved to online classes for the remainder of the semester for the students.

As we await more information and work to see how all of this will affect our family, community, country, world; I am wading through all of the opinions and news and know that it is not black and white; it is gray.  Decisions have to be made but that does not mean it won't have a rippling affect and I feel it is important to honor that as well.

My family is watching, listening, and preparing.  I did some slightly extra food shopping this weekend, honored some social distancing, talked with our sons, took walks, helped a family with food, did some extra cleaning and kept my needles moving.  One thing I also did was decide to pick up a blank journal and write each day during this experience.  I want to write it on paper.

Right now I hope that all of the precautions and cancellations will help.  I was struck with the thought that my oldest entered this world two days after 911 happened and now the last semester of his senior year in high school could be uniquely defined by this pandemic.  I wondered how this will continue to shape him.

I have put the shop on vacation mode; this was needed by me personally even before the pandemic but even more I feel a responsibility to not be out getting  supplies and then making trips to the post office during this time.

Envisioning health, safety, and healing during this uncertain time. Love-Chris

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