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July 26, 2020

Vacation time has looked much different this summer than what we had anticipated earlier this year.  We had originally planned on taking a trip to San Francisco with the boys this summer before Jasper started college in the fall.  But like so many things we realized that this too was going to be different.  We opted instead kayak on some of our local rivers this summer and I added in completing some more projects that have been on the to do list.

We cleaned and fixed up the little patch of woods next to our house and I decided paint and refresh the hallway in our house which is the tallest part of my house BTW and a big job indeed!  In between I played with some wood this past week as well.

You may remember that I did a little quick re-decorate of our Scamper camper Colene some months back. I had originally decorated Colene in retro vintage reds, turquoise blue, and orange floral shabby look.  It was pretty trendy at the time but I found myself going back to my original boho style.  At the time I had not re-done the mismatched retro ceramic knobs that I had put inside.  

I had my eye on some eclectic boho knobs and came across a DIY tutorial and pattern from A Piece of Rainbow.  I had gotten most of the materials a while back and just never got around to doing it.  Breaking out Colene for a recent trip inspired me to go ahead and see if these were really as easy and beautiful as they looked.

I had great success and it was every bit as easy and they came out great.  I had gotten the simple 2 inch wood knobs from my local hardware store.  I used one pattern style, so I just printed out the number of sheets that I needed.  Invest in some good mod podge and it will work like a dream.

I love how they came out and it did not break the bank.  All together I probably have $10 in supplies.  

Now that she is all pretty inside we have to do some bigger maintenance on her like raise her axle and re-hang the door with a new seal.  Not too bad for a 37 year old camper!  

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