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March 10, 2021

It is really hard to believe that we are approaching the year anniversary for when the pandemic shut things down in my community. For us I have March 17 in my mind when everything changed particularly with school for my sons and my remote work.

As with other anniversaries I am spending some time reflecting on the past year. I am excited that several of my family members have been fully or started the vaccination. My sons and myself with be in the later tiers, but we are ready as soon as it is our time.

Even as the numbers are decreasing, vaccination is increasing and full in-person school is on the horizon for my youngest, masks are a part of our lives and that is a simple human-kind act that I can do. It has taken me nearly a year of really deciding what mask works the best for me. 

In the beginning I was making homemade masks with ties, they were just what we needed in the very beginning. Since then I have tried some from grocery stores, box department stores, etc. I happen to come across a mask from Kitsch and tried it out. It has a gauze-like double layer of cotton that I have finally come to the conclusion is what I like the feel of the most. In its simplicity and comfort this is my winner.

Knowing masks are personally not going away for me for a while, I made the leap and ordered a couple sets. And yes it did not hurt that this color palette is one of my favs right now, added bonus.

Keep hanging in there, looking forward to some hugs with my extended family soon!

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