spring cleaning!

March 04, 2021

Hello March! Can you feel it, can you see the hints of it? Just like that spring starts to tease us with all of her beauty! I have been some heavy household de-stashing for the past year and half and now my knitting world is getting a spring cleaning de-stash as well!

I am trying it a couple different ways. In the shop are some weaver's bundles that I put together in a little sewn cotton bag. These are some scrappy ends and sometimes a bit more of skeins of yarn that would be perfect woven in some simple tapestries. 

The second de-stash option is more of a pay what you want style. There is a photo album in my Facebook page, if you see something you like just comment on the photo and we will start a conversation. I just need a minimum of $5 to cover shipping.

I can tell you that the yarns are all natural materials in a variety of weights, textures, and colors. I also added some project bags and books as well.

Help me with my spring cleaning!

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