pondering pink

January 22, 2022

It is odd how a color finds it's way into your favorite club without even expecting it. If you would have asked me a couple years ago what my favorite color is I would have said dark red and other earth tones. Today I still love variations of red; dark red, rust, brick red, and terra cotta, but I also really like soft pinks. It is in the same color family right? I never was one to do pink growing up but I was happy to support both of my sons enjoyment of pink at different times even to this day. But I am telling you that softest blush pink is awesome. And corals; they are awesome next to terra cottas and earthy browns! 

I love reading about the history of the color culturally. After settling on my knitting pattern and yarn for the upcoming winter Olympics, I decided to cast on a quick scarf that is quite ridiculously long which makes it quite fantastic also. I grabbed the leftover skein of yarn from making my grand nieces' winter hat; Two of Wands Hue + Me bulky wool blend in bellini colorway. Combined that with simple garter stitch on size 35 needles and it made for a fun fast knit.

The pattern is in a book from my knitting library; Weekend Knitting; and it has the perfect quote for this pattern. Done while watching some wildcard football last weekend, it was really fun. I think though that I am going to go back and shorten it just a bit; I am pretty short and so 96 inches including the fringe is pretty long on me. A good stash buster for a statement making scarf!

Speaking of pink I also wanted to share this super quick piece that I made at a craft gathering with some friends recently during a house warming. The idea was to take a canvas and create a backdrop and tree or other abstract image with fabrics scraps. As you can see I went straight for the pinks again. I did a quick brush stroke light pink backdrop with just random pieces pink scraps with no rhyme or reason but I love how it looks in my office window looking out my backyard full of oak trees. 

Hope you are enjoying working with some color this winter. Till next time my friends!

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