January 07, 2017

One gift that we have done for my husband's mama since the boys were babes has been a calendar towel each year.  It is a tradition we have enjoyed as we had some of the calendar towels from her mother.  I love the practical side of a calendar that you get to use as a towel after.

I started getting one for my work office the past couple of years also.  I tend to get them from artists that I enjoy such as oneCanoetwo in 2015 and in 2016 I had a one from Phoebe Wahl.  This year I decided to break out and get each family in our immediate families a calendar towel.  I ordered them via Spoonflower and cut and hemmed the edges.

I really liked trying to match them to each personality- so many great artist work to choose from.  If you watch for the sale you can get them sometimes during a fat quarter sale.  Watch for these sales and you can get a pretty good deal and with just a little bit of sewing have a fun and practical gift!

Mine for this year is whimsical farm animals- love it!  I do still watch out for the vintage calendar towels at antique malls as well for special years.  I am pretty sure I will do this again for the 2017 holiday season!

Speaking of calendars- there will be a shop update coming soon for all three of my wood waldorf calendar.

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