January 22, 2017

Movement was the theme for yesterday . . . I woke up and the sun was out.  It was a breath of fresh air and vitamin D.  I walked a few blocks to an estate sale I had heard about that mentioned the promise of yarn.  Estate sales are often a little odd and bittersweet, rubbing elbows going through someone's home sifting through their possessions.  In this case I learned from another neighbor the lady had passed after a long battle with cancer.  With respect I found my way up to her crafting rooms.  I was immediately struck that she had great taste in yarn.  I tried to control myself and decided to pick one grouping of a UFO (Un-finished Object) that came with about 10 skeins of alpaca.  I also picked up her copy of Joy of Knitting and a beautiful bag.  I am excited about the opportunity to carry on some knitting that was started by this woman in my community that seemed to have such joy in a shared love of hand making.

I grabbed a quick snack at home and then my husband and I biked down to our local community sister solidarity march for Women's March movement yesterday.  By far this is one of the largest gatherings I have seen in my community since Obama visited our town during his first campaign run. It was empowering, it was angry, it was peaceful, it was a warm up and a steady stream of movement in our downtown.

It was amazing to see the world wide response yesterday but I also know that there is still so much to do.  I was excited to see a very organized next campaign called 10 Actions 100 Days.  The first action is postcard writing to senators.  Will you join?

It started to come together for me why the Pussyhat Project had such a big appeal to me (besides the knitting element) it was that it was a handmade element.  Maybe you made your own hat, or maybe you connected to a hand maker through the project or it was an aunt or a friend of a co-worker.  However it happened you connect with something handmade not bought in the department store.  It stood as a symbol of the movement.

So though I thought my pink pussyhat knitting was done, I am formulating a plan to continue to knit hat for those who would like to donate to causes that support this movement.  I will be developing this more in the coming weeks stay tuned and let's keep the movement going together.

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