February Knit and Resist

February 17, 2017

I am excited to share the first Knit and Resist Pussyhat with you.  This month I choose the yarn from Wing & A Prayer Farm.  It is a 100% Shetland wool 2-ply aran weight.  The label lovingly told me it was spun from Dickens, Seamus, Milverton, and Tiny Tim!

It was a really nice yarn to work with and it was naturally dyed with Quebracho which I had not heard of but it had a great soft color of pink.  Great packaging also with this company- it came packaged in a muslin bag- good potential project bag and they included a button with a picture of one of their sheep and a recipe for Wing & A Prayer Vermont Maple Cheesecake.

I started this hat a week ago at my youngest son's soccer practice, worked on it during the evenings and a car ride out to my folks place to deliver some eggs.  I finished it a last night at my oldest son's soccer practice so lots of good soccer vibes went into this hat.  With everything that has happened and continues to happen in our political environment, it certainly has given my husband and myself an opportunity to talk to our sons about how we treat each other and what we want for their world and their future.

This month I am choosing Planned Parenthood for the donation.  The cost of the yarn and shipping was $25 all proceeds after will go to this important organization that provides health care, sex education and sexuality information.

I have the next few months yarns and donations picked out- be sure to follow me on my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter spots when the auctions will be going live.  I will also be sharing links to other knitters and makers who are using their skills to resist and make change.  Thank you for your support as I knit and resist!


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