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February 06, 2017

In continuing to share things that I love I thought I would share a glimpse of what is bringing me a spot of love today.  A simple cup of Peet's coffee with cream kept the chill of the grey day.  I never was much of a coffee drinker before I gave up sugar- I always thought I had to put in tons of sugar to mask the taste of the coffee.  But now- mmm coffee is quite tasty with a spot of cream.

And then there are collections.  As I enter into my 5th year of knitting my tools are coming together.  Though I have had a hodgepodge of knitting needles the US made Brittany needles are what I have landed on for my straight needle set.  My first set of their needles were what I used on my Sky Scarves.  I still do a good amount of knitting on straight needles.  I am also a thrower and have a tendency to push off on the tip of my needles with my finger.  I know- this is probably not the best knitting technique but it is the one my mind and fingers landed on.  Brittany needles are a nice soft tip that feels great in and on my fingers.

Today I am working on an art instillation piece that is collaborative for our upcoming film fest.  I am working with the rustic Churro wool that I got last fall- it is a great yarn for projects like this.

And the last bit of one of my odd collections I thought I would share is my very strange love for vintage pillowcases.  I know it is influenced by the vintage sheet fabric craze that I fully embraced.  I am actually going to thin down my fabric from the sheets to some select pieces, but the pillowcases- I love them.  They make great gift bags, storage bags, pillow cases!  The uses are endless!  Such a strange love but it saves me on gift wrap most holidays and birthdays!

Odd collections and hot cups of coffee and plenty of knitting on this winter day-

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