Sunday fiber

February 26, 2017

How I do love getting plenty of fiber in on my Sundays.  I started this morning off with trying out a recipe that I came across on Pinterest.  Pinterest tends to be my virtual cookbook.  I like how it shows like interests based on my pins.  As I stay on my refined sugar free lifestyle finding some simple cookie-like recipes has been nice.  I came across these simple 2 ingredient cookies- basically bananas and oats.  To that you can add other ingredients.  Today I added some walnuts.  They were delish!  I think the only change would be just a small pinch of salt.  The texture was fun and flavor excellent!

After my morning treat and some cleaning I got things set up for my monthly 4-H knitting project meeting.  This is the largest part of my volunteer work.  I really look forward to being with these young kids and help them on their own fiber journey.  They are excited about yarn and excited to be together in their own circle.  I am very fortunate to have a co-leader that is my knitting friend that has been knitting with me since I started.  Knitting for 4-H falls in the "clothing" project category but I love how there is so many other elements to knitting for them- problem solving, math, nature . . . but most importantly it is this lifelong skill of making!  Love it!

I could not be more proud to work for and volunteer for this youth organization.  I only wish I had done 4-H more when I was a kid.  Maybe being a project leader is a little like being in a project myself as a kid!  Also the books I use for teaching the kids are I Can Knit, Kids Knitting Workshop , I look forward to check out more options for fun patterns for early learners.

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