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April 15, 2017

I admit it- I really like pom poms!  What I don't like is that most of the ones out and about in the regular venues are synthetic.  Over the years I have made them on and off in a variety of different ways: forks, cardboard circles, and other specific makers.

I came across Loome during the Fibershare that I am participating in and this tool caught my eye- not only is it wood, but it is a multi tool that you can do tassels, tiny weavings, and the star; pom poms!

What won me over was the timing that they are doing a "year of making".  You basically pick a medium, something doable each day and make it each year.  It seems like the perfect match.  I get to make pom poms and build up a little stash of natural fiber fluffy joy.  I also get to work through those straggler ends of skeins of yarn after projects.

Today I pulled out the last of my skein from Wing and a Prayer yarn and combined it with some alpaca yarn that I had for a lovely first pom pom- all natural wool and alpaca.

I promise not to share everyday's pom pom but maybe just share my progress as it fills up my mason jars.  Thanks to my mother in law for gifting this cool mason jar to me.

I am looking forward to exploring this fiber medium for the next year. What can you make?

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