Knit and Resist April Hat

April 25, 2017

I feel like I am ready for it each year- April.  But then just like a big ol mac truck April plows into me full of birthdays, Easter, spring soccer, taxes!  My youngest turned 12 this year and he like my eldest has set a goal of getting taller than mama as a primary accomplishment.  I still have a few inches on him yet!

I just finished up the April hat for my Knit and Resist movement.  This month I have chosen a rustic organic merino wool that is from a company with a good environmental responsibility ethic.  The company is called O-Wool and you can read more about them here.

I fittingly finished this up during Earth Day weekend.  Though I was not at any Earth Day festivals I was able to finish it up outside soaking up the sun with my feet in the grass of a soccer field!  I decided to donate the proceeds of this hat after the cost of the yarn and shipping to the Natural Resources Defense Council.  Now more than ever I feel like our environment is under attack and we all have a responsibility to ensure that we are doing the best we can daily in our lives locally and globally in defending the earth and our environment.  Science is real folks, evidence is real and we can't deny our human impact on this planet.

This is a big part of this Knit and Resist movement for me as a knitter- more than ever I am thinking about the yarn I choose to knit with. It is one small step in my own maker life.

This yarn began in the southern part of my state on an adventure at the Titanic Museum and a small camping adventure in my Scamp.  From there it like last time it traveled to several soccer games and family gatherings including hanging out with my little niece, birthdays, and Easter.

The link for the auction is live here- thank you so much for your support!  The yarn for next month is also a wool and then I am moving into cottons for the summer months!

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