16 years in the making

May 09, 2017

My partner and I just celebrated our 16 year wedding anniversary.  We have almost always skipped in gifts and try to share a meal together to celebrate the day.  As it worked out we ended up celebrating this year by watching our boys run around the soccer field all weekend.  We did manage to find a taqueria for some yummy food.  As I reflect on my partnership and I come back to one of the most valuable things I appreciate in him.  I feel his love in so many ways but one huge thing about him is that he really does honor me as a maker.  We met in a craft studio learning to make pottery.  He really was and still is a much better potter than I was.  As our relationship progressed we became ultimate makers with our first and then second sons.  All throughout those early years he would listen as I moved from medium to medium as we strived to create a magical home for our children.  Pottery, sewing, soap making, felting, stamping, embroidery, toy making.  He never said why do you want to buy a scroll saw or take a knitting class.  He just said go for it.

I am at a place that my making is centered on woodworking and knitting.  My process of evolution or revolution could not have occurred without his support.  Maker supporting a maker.

Now as I look at these hands I see the wedding band that was bought with money from selling pottery together at a festival before our wedding.  I see wrinkles and scars from my wood burner.  I see hands that still seek his when we walk around the block in our neighborhood.  These maker hands shape who I am personally and spiritually.  Keep on making and cheers to another year in our book.

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