Red, White, Blue, and Pink!

May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day all- remembering and honoring those who serve and served.  I cringe at how divisive our country has become.  I think that there is a stereotype that if you are liberal you are not patriotic.  As a liberal democrat; I am deeply patriotic because I honor freedom and the ability to make choices very highly.  Choice in what religion you want to practice, choice in who you want to love, choice in lifestyle.  For that I thank everyone that works to defend those choices.

So I am looking through my stash for some red, white and blue and contemplating a project to start.  I am thrilled that this little gnome is going to a new home.  He honors the flag that I am proud to display in my home.  He has a little knit wool hat that I found a sweet pattern for- seriously sweet!

As I think about the political climate that is ever so frustrating in our country right now I wanted to give an update on the Knit and Resist project.  I was going to go ahead and knit up the May hat with the yummy Shelter American Wool from Brooklyn Tweed but since the other hats have not auctioned off I decided maybe wool hats in the summer are not that appealing!! So I will postpone the hats till the fall and re-start the hats paired with highly curated yarns.  In the meantime though I am researching some fun summer headbands in beautiful cottons and linen fibers.  So stay tuned for some summer knits matched with great yarns and proceeds going to organizations that are diligently working on resisting the current administration.

Big shout out to Krista Suh in thanks to sending me a print of the Herstory print telling the story of the Pussyhat Project.  I signed up for a copy of the print and it is hanging in my yarn cabinet as a continued reminder of the power of craft and handmade.  You can download a copy on her site.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend all!

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