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May 28, 2017

I thought I would highlight one of the fun things in my state this Memorial Day weekend.  As I may have shared my partner is a huge cyclist.  He bikes functionally everyday as his main mode of transportation and he also rides recreationally.  This is the 9th year for a local bike and music festival that happens on Memorial Day weekend and the one big family ride to do with him.

The ride starts from our town and uses another trail to hook into the old Katy rail line that is now a rails to trails highlight in our state.  All along the way is music, food and tons of folks having fun on bikes ending in another town 30 miles away where you camp and have more food and libations.  As the boys have gotten older they now take off with friends and my partner and I pedal on down meeting up with friends for cocktails along the way.

This year I invested in a new saddle for my bike and this is the best I have- err my butt has felt since I started doing this ride.  Should have done that years ago!  This year I did a simple pompom yarn addition to my bike and added my vintage shepherd bell!

We only hit one patch of super pour down rain and got to dry off while listening to Split Lip Rayfield!  My partner is still out today making his way back into town- while I am enjoying a cocktail at home. Maybe now that I have a new saddle on my bike I will contemplate riding the second day next year- maybe!

I wanted to also share this great company I discovered that is bringing back the nostalgia of souvenir glasses and towels!  I happen to collect vintage souvenir state glasses of states that have special meaning for me, but I was all about getting a fresh towel with our state on it!  Be sure to check out their stuff- super fun!

Have a great rest of your weekend friends- I am off to do some knitting in the hammock!

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