another trip around the sun

April 15, 2017

I celebrated another trip around the sun this week.  I love being born in the spring and sharing an April birthday with both my mama and my youngest.  Several years ago I started doing a personal tradition where I take the day off from work if it falls on a weekday and spend the day with myself.  I call it part of my self care.

I woke to some beautiful flowers and messages of love from my crew.  After waking the boy wonders, cooking them some eggs fresh from the backyard, I dashed off to the antique mall after the buses came by to pick up the boys.  I managed to hit up three antique shops.  I was in power scan single mode mind set and in heaven!  I was looking for a little something for my mama and some vintage planters for my succulents. And . . . I hold no responsibility for any mis-matched chippy vintage dishes that may or may not have jumped into my basket!

I am proud to report that my succulents survived the winter even though I did not have them in the best containers.  So I did some inside transplanting in some new treasures that I found- seriously that cow, how could I resist!

In the afternoon I continue working on the yard.  The last couple of weeks the yard and woods really has started to come out of hibernation and I really started catch a rush of energy from all of the green- I really tap into spring energetically.  We have a pretty wild yard full of violets, clover, henbit, weeds, and some grass!  But we have patches of lots of other misc things growing.  Our strawberry patch that we started a couple years ago is doing amazing.  A friend gifted me several of some native plants good for pollinators this year that I was able to get into the ground this past week.

In the little patch of woods I adopted in the easement of our house where I have been pulling out the bush honeysuckle for years but it is still a work in progress.  There is this another invasive ivy in the woods that seems to be blocking out anything from growing- my elderberry bush is struggling.  I think this stuff might be called "creeping myrtle".  The lavender patch seems to come back each year so I decided to dig up and transplant my elderberry to the back yard and add some lavender.  Probably time to start ripping out that myrtle as well- ugh!

After a lovely dinner complete with berries and cream my body was tired, feet dirty, and I was happy having had a soul-filling day.  To top it off my boys gifted me with a hammock this year so I can enjoy the yard, relax and knit!

Happy spring days to you and hoping you remember to find your self care days as well!

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