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April 08, 2018

We are entering the final stage of our home remodel that we have been doing.  Our basement is done, the new roof went on last month and the last part is transforming our carport into a garage and replacing our front and side doors.  Our contractor let us know that this was going to be getting started on Monday so we spent our Saturday cleaning out and storing the contents of our carport.

I had a little corner shelf were we would toss nature treasures and odd things we would pick up on hikes.  You can image a hodgepodge of little treasures and lots of years worth of dust.  As I was packing them up I came across some goodies I completely forgot about and brought them into the house to clean up.

The first was this beautiful old lantern that my husband picked up off the curb somewhere years ago.  It has been on lots of troll walks and lantern walks in the neighborhood with the boys when they were little.  I cleaned out the leaves and old wax and lots of dust and now this beauty is going to hang out inside.

I also found the old glass chicken waterer that my mama gave me from the family farm.  My hens have a giant watering system so I cleaned this up and I have it on the table for the moment.  It think it makes a great little candy/nut dish!

Last I found these beautiful pieces of old smooth glass.  My husband thinks he found them along the Missouri river at some point and time.  The funny thing is I really wanted to find some "sea glass" when we were in Florida and did not.  Little did I know there was some beautiful unique "river glass" just waiting for me on my dusty old nature shelf!

They all color coordinated with my Vernal Infinity Scarf that is my current WIP!  I love it when my projects, the fun and not so fun all line up just right.  I am off to knit a few more rows!

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