old stars, old dust, and old salt

April 26, 2018

Mid-April always hit like a whirlwind in these parts.  My mama has her birthday 4 days before me, and my youngest has his birthday 5 days after mine.  So lots of birthday wishes along with those April showers!  This year my mama celebrated a milestone birthday and my youngest became and official teenager!

Me- well I was convinced I was 46 last year and then took the time to do the math and realized I am just now 46 so it felt like a bonus!  I often will take the day off work and have a self-care day.  This year I met up with a friend.  First we hit up a local eatery that seems a bit like a hole in the wall but I like their Vietnamese Pho soup - mmmmm!

Next she joined me to an appointment at a tattoo shop that I had made for my "knitting tattoo" I have been wanting for a while.  Now let me start this story by saying this year my bday fell on Friday the 13th and the artist I made the appointment with did not remember that the shop was doing $20 tattoos on the 13th.  You can imagine my surprise showing up on a Friday at noon and seeing a huge line of folks out the door.  Confirmed that there was a mistake in taking my appointment and knowing there was no way I was hanging out in that energy I decided to walk into one of the oldest studios in my town where I got some of my very early ink back in the 90's.

As luck would have it, they had an opening and the atmosphere was so relaxed and the shop had been remodeled and had this great eclectic mix of flash tattoo art, taxidermy animals, russian nesting dolls and old vintage pictures.  You know the large pictures with the dome glass- just gorgeous and my speed!  My tattoo itself is actually the constellation of Aries, my sun and moon sign.  I like how the 4 stars represent me, my partner, and our two sons.  Aries is a ram which is a sheep, sheep has wool, wool for . . . well you get the picture right?  My subtle knitting tattoo!  Old stars for my sun and moon sign and my soul hobby!

Our next stop was out to the local antique mall and look at treasures surrounded in old dust!  It fills me up to be able to take it all in.  It took all my will power not to buy one of the old vintage portraits like I had just seen at the tattoo parlor!

My evening ended with some chicken wings from another local favorite and dancing the night away with my partner while Old Salt Union played for us at the bar where my partner and I had our wedding party years ago.

All in all my friends it was a great day for this old gal!

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