October 13, 2018

Amongst all of the tech that surrounds my day between work at my day job and wrangling and watching how much time my sons spend on their hand held computers, I find myself even more rooted in my hobbies.  Hobbies of working with small pieces of wood to create toys, twisting yarn on some sticks to create fiber, and now enjoying using plants to add color to these fibers.

I feel more rooted than ever before in wanting to carry on these hobbies myself and hoping to share with the next generation.  I value the technology that allows me to connect and research and share about these hobbies but instinctually I know that my soul needs these hobbies.

I spent a slow weekend working for the first time with madder root, an old ancient dye.  I have obtained a small bag of dried madder root from the natural dye workshop that I attended in September.  I decided to experiment on some more wool loops and some rustic churro wool.

I did not quite get to any reds but I had a lovely range of coral and rusty orange and I am hooked!  I am ready to do some more!  I used Carol Leigh's book as my guide and am excited to get some more madder root and play some more!

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