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April 23, 2020

This past weekend I celebrated my son's 15th birthday during the pandemic.  In fact mine was a few days prior and it will certainly be a year to remember for us Aries.  We found ways to celebrate while sheltering in place and remembering this place in time.  I was also able to finish my full moon shawl knitting which actually ended up being knitting on more than during the full moons.  Particularly here during the pandemic shut down I had some more quiet non-running time to dedicate to it.

I really loved this pattern and yarn for this shawl and highly recommend.  As a reminder this is the Betula shawl and I used the recommended yarn Retrosaria Beiroa that I found purchased from Tolt.

I will hopefully be able to curl up in it for a few cool spring evenings before packing it away for the winter.  Be well and stay safe my friends-Chris

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