love local- Snow Pond Studios

April 26, 2020

The newest feature of "love local" is Snow Pond Studios.  My husband and I first met Katie years ago in a craft studio sharing a love of pottery.  Katie and my husband are much better potters than I ever turned out to be, but I am so glad for the friendships that were found amongst the clay, pottery wheels, slab rollers, and glaze buckets!

Flash forward to now and we still live in the same community and are both raising families.  Katie recently has been making these fantastic ceramic houses and when she posted some for sale recently that were little plant holders, I jumped at the chance to support her and add this sweetness to my work desk at home.

Check out her Etsy shop if you are interested- you won't be disappointed!

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday during your time at home.  Be well and stay safe-Chris

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