musings- samara seeds

May 02, 2020

Wing nut, helicopter, whirlybird, whirligig, polynose, and spinning ginny.  These are all different names the samara seed is known by.  It is essentially a tree seed with a papery fiber that develops around the ovary wall.  This simple tree seed is so evocative of childhood; the pure joy of seeing these little seeds twirl down from the trees in the breeze.  A completely simple nature provided toy to pick up and toss again for moment of pleasure.

I am a creature that is drawn to symbols and symbolism.  What I wear for a necklace has been more than just jewelry to me.  I often will wear the same piece of jewelry for extended periods of time.  I wore a holey rock for years as a necklace.  For about the past 6 years I have been wearing a spoon necklace that I got from an artist that hand stamped my boys initials into it.  It was my mom's necklace.  Recently I had been feeling the pulling for another symbol to help me on my parenting journey.  Parenting teens is certainly no easy task but I am also entering a time when my eldest is getting ready to graduate from high school and taking his own next steps.  I somehow came across this necklace while perusing Etsy.  I think my key word search was tree necklace.  Trees have always been a part of my soul and religion.  I legally changed my last name to reflect this spiritual place for me and it is carried through in parts of both of my son's names.

When I saw this necklace and really thought about what samara seeds physically do I knew it was the necklace for me during these years.  You see unlike other tree seeds that just drop down by the mother tree, these seeds have this paper element that allows the wind to naturally carry it a little further from the mother tree.  As my eldest starts on his journey he will be moving physically away from us but I hope that he carries with him the love that we tried our best to share throughout his childhood.

During this pandemic I have had the moment to really take in on my daily walks the beauty of these little seeds.  I happened to have ordered my necklace right before the shutdown.  It arrived the same week that everything started to close.  A time when the boys unexpectedly had to adjust to not being physically with friends, no senior events at school, no sleepovers, all of it.  At that time I just started to see the first sign of samara seeds.  A little cluster that might have gotten knocked down in a spring storm.  This week as we are coming up on the stay at home in our state starting to lift was when I started to really see the twirling samara seeds start to come down on my walk.  I would pick them up and admire the variety in shape and color.  They even seem to mirror some of the colors in my current knitting project.

Hoping all of our love is enough to root both of my sons as they start to make their way towards adulthood.  I am still not sure how all of this pandemic and shut down will influence them or us for that matter.  So for now I will keep this symbol close to my heart.  In case you are interested, I got this necklace from an Etsy artist Brook in the Thicket, linked here that wax cast the pendant from an actual samara seed.

Here is a little video from yesterday, hope it provides some child like joy for you today.

Be well and stay safe- Chris

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