May 10, 2020

This week our state started loosening the shelter in place restrictions.  My county and city have a higher level of restrictions.  I worked on another set of masks today for a co-worker.  I know that there is much debate about whether to wear mask or not.  My family has worn masks for our few trips that we have taken out.  Most of our outside places besides my husband's work is grocery store and I did venture out to get some plants this week.

My youngest son and I have our first orthodontic appointment since February and we will be required to wear masks.  I have read about amazing efforts locally and nationally of folks making masks.  I don't have a super large number under my belt but I was able to utilize my stash of fabric and vintage sheets to make right around 25 masks.

I made a pretty simple rectangle with double sided cotton with plastic and metal twist tie sewn in the top for nose structure and made bias tape for the straps from vintage sheets.  I was able to share these with family, friends, and a community doula.  I was really happy to work through my fabric and had fun mixing and matching the patterns.

My machine is a pretty old cheap sewing machine and today it was protesting pretty hard as I was finishing up a mask so I need to give it a little rest or take the time to invest in a new machine.  I have a hunch that masks are going to be sticking around for a while.

Be safe, be well, and the happiest of mama's days to you all!

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