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February 20, 2022

The Katniss Poncho is all done in time for the closing ceremonies tonight. It has been fun pattern to explore during the winter games and I really enjoyed making this piece. I also really enjoyed the unexpected rabbit hole I fell down with the Hunger Games and exploring family history in the area that is the setting of the dystopian Panem. This is the place where I process all of the amazing moments and athletes across the globe that participated; I really love the games. It is a sense of completing a knitting project that I set a strong intention to complete that sparks a flame to start another poncho. 

I also completing some amazing books along the way including the prequel to the Hunger Games; The Ballad on Songbirds and Snakes. I thought it would be fun to highlight some areas of the movie depictions of the Hunger Games series where yarn and over/knitware are shown. 

  • Hunger Games is filmed at the Henry River Mill Village; a former yarn mill
  • Hunger Games- opening dialogue with Seneca Crane and Cesar Flickerman explaining the Hunger Fames is something that "knits us all together"
  • Hunger Games- early trade with Katniss at the Hob for a ball of wool yarn
  • Catching Fire- the amazing knit cowl/vest worn by Katniss in opening
  • Catching Fire- on tour Katniss; the black and gray sweater, the cap sleeve sleeping sweater, infinity style cowl in blue, reverse triangle sweater, cable sweater, Haymitch; neutral color sweater
  • Catching Fire- burning of contraband in District 12 there is a large ball of yarn on dresser 
  • Catching Fire- Finnick's sweater
  • Mockingjay- Gale's black sweater, Tigris' cowl
  • Mockingjay- Katniss returns to what remains in District 12- sweater in the doorway in the rain and the woven baby blanket 
That is just a quick little snippets of moments I caught while re-watching the movies before the Olympics. It was unexpected to be exploring this series while I did this knitalong, but the Katniss Poncho begged to be knit and I am glad that is what I made!

Thank you to everyone that joined me on my Olympic Knitalog! I look forward to watching some of the Winter Paralympics also. I have a pot of Appalachian cider beans in the oven for the closing ceremonies dinner tonight. Cheers my friends! 

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