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February 02, 2022

 I did a new little video chat highlighting a fun little gift to make really anytime, but if you had a hankering to make one of Valentine's Day, this is a quick, fun, natural gift. Feel free to watch the video to hear more about it, but I wanted to list out some links for you as well. As I mentioned in the video I was trying to put together a little something with craft supplies mostly available in local box craft stores incase you wanted to avoid shipping and needed a little quick make during a snow day! We just so happen to be in the middle of a snow storm this week!

I really like the idea of giving/making natural gifts that have a low carbon footprint. These check off that box and allow for some sweet smells also. In full credit, I saw this idea from Simply Earth site last December and loved making some for gifts. I wanted to add my own twist so I used some cotton yarn that I naturally dyed with avocado for a lovely blush pink. 

Almost all of these supplies came from my local box craft stores:

  • cotton knitting yarn 
  • unfinished wood rings
  • unfinished wood beads
  • essential oil
  • cotton gift bag
  • wood hearts
  • wood blocks
  • fabric paint

I dyed the cotton yarn last year and actually had that in my stash, but seriously friends, give natural dye a shot with avocado. Bonus is that you get to eat ALL the guacamole. Well okay I did share some with family during the game last weekend. I made a fresh pot of dye for the cotton bags! Google natural dye with avocado and there are several sites and videos to peruse. 

Simply Earth has a great tutorial for making the simple knots and putting the diffuser together. I did order the wood heart beads from an Etsy shop, it was the only thing I could not track down in the store.

The diffusers go together super quick and if you are inclined to make your cotton bags even more "lovely" you can make a quick wood block stamp with a wood heart glued to a wood block. Easy as pie and you have a fun wood block to stamp with. I am really liking the look of block printing! I caught the fever from using the wood block that I featured earlier from this Etsy shop

That's it folks, simple lovely gifts to make. I did put a couple sets in the shop in case you want to buy one that is naturally dyed and ready to ship. Enjoy!

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