Because . . .

November 08, 2016

Rain is water and water is life.  It has rained on so many important events in my life.  It rained when I married my best friend.  It rained when both of my sons were born.  It was raining this morning when I took my sons with me to the polls.  It felt refreshing, cleansing, and like a that feeling when you get a huge drink of water when you are run down and thirsty.

This election has been surreal and historic.  I have been feeling anxious, angry, nervous, excited, emotional and tense.  I decided to wear white in honor of women's suffrage.  I felt compelled to carry a piece of my maternal heritage with me.

I realized that 12 years ago today I was pregnant with my second son and I was at my grandmother's funeral in Iowa.  She was my only grandmother that I knew growing up.  She was not perfect- none of us are, but one thing she did shortly before she died was write to me and gifted me with funds so that I could have the birth that I wanted.  I went on to carry my son into the spring and have a VBAC at home.  I felt like she was with me then and also with me today.

Because . . .

I wanted to honor her, I carried her photo to the polls

I live in a strong "red" state I wore a little blue button from her button stash

I am descended from Eastern European immigrants it hangs from Romanian wool

I am the mother of sons that are part of the future

I truly believe that love will always win over hate

I am a bit superstitious I will only knit with blue yarn today

May we all find peace and resolution and move forward and grow together as a country.  The ground is fertile, the rain and tears are flowing, the seed of history is planted.  Wishing you all peace and love on this day.

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